“You’re Gonna Lose That Girl,” from Help released in 1965 which makes the tune 49 years old (give or take ) as I write this on a warm summer afternoon in July.

I’m fascinated by background vocals and singers and how someone crafts a tune that uses them well.  This song is just brilliant on so many levels but it doesn’t really work as a song with no background support.  I’ve tried to perform it and while I can hear the backgrounds in my head it’s obvious to me that the audience can’t.  I often hear much more than the audience when I’m playing and so that’s either a gift or a curse.

I played this song last summer at a jam session with no expectations other than I hoped I wouldn’t screw up any of the chords or lyrics.  John Lennon’s tunes tend be in a higher register than I can handle comfortably but most times I can scratch out the high parts.  I dove right into the song and a woman to right, let’s call her Amy, since that is her real name fell right in with every background line as though we had rehearsed the song for days.  It was a real boost in my behind as though I was sitting right in front of the kick drum.  We glided through the tune like magic.  Every time I see her now I try to work up a new Beatles song because she knows all of them.  I can’t stump her.

So, here’s a song that holds up after 50 years.  George’s solo fits it. He doesn’t play to say listen to me, I’m the lead guitar player.  The solo is a natural extension of the tune.  That’s what great playing is all about.

And so, without further adieu…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2W8TqfTWviE