The preliminaries are over.  In anticipation of the summer of 2014 we gently welcomed May and Mothers’ Day.  Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer but in my book the key is in the ignition and the engine has already turned over.  We get to June with Flag Day, Arbor Day, Fathers’ Day and the Fourth on the horizon.

The Fourth rolls in with a long weekend and suddenly it’s nothing but straight sailing to September.  No holidays, no interruptions, maybe Uncle Lou’s birthday and that’s about it.

 The climate deniers shift into full air conditioning mode. ” Let’s pretend it’s not summer,” they say.  AC in the car, the house, the office, the mall and everyplace with a roof and a front door.  No wonder they despise the heat.  Never any time to acclimate and when they get caught in the real and rare summer air they complain.

” When the sun shines they slip into the shade” as my favorite band once sang.  Summer is the time to smile, not grouse about the weather.  

My house is like two different countries inhabited by two different kinds of people.  Climate deniers and me.