It’s been said by Native Americans and others that they dislike having their pictures taken because they believe each click of the shutter takes away a little part of their soul.

I recently was at a well attended event where everyone and I mean everyone was taking pictures of themselves and each other just as fast as they could.  Pictures being taken without a thought.  Just focus and snap away.  I don’t know that this is necessarily a good thing.

I like taking pictures as much as the next guy but the avalanche of photos piling up on phones and Facebook and every other ” My” social media this or that site is astounding to me.  Are all these pictures really adding value or meaning to anyone’s life?  Maybe it’s just the act of lining up your buddies, holding your phone at arm’s length and making a smiling face.

And if it’s true that each click of the shutter does remove a piece of our soul what does it mean when a person has been photographed several hundred thousand times?  Is there a way to know when a piece of your soul have been taken away ?  How do you feel?  Sad, empty, confused or lost.  

The days of thoughtful, meaningful and relaxed picture taking are over.  Everything connected with taking pictures now happens in an instant.  Instant photo, instant posting, instant dump into the media universe and instantly forgotten.

Too much instant going on for me.  Leave my soul alone.