Went for a run earlier this week.  Everything clicked on fresh legs with easy and deep breathing, gobbling up chunks of asphalt with strides that attacked and dug in, pushed off from my mid-foot with springy energy and worked up a delicious and healthy real honest to goodness sweat.

I read a book many year ago called ” The Sweet Spot in Time” by John Jerome.  In it he explores just what the ” Sweet Spot” is with our bodies.  We’re all familiar with the term ” Sweet Spot” in regards to a tennis racket or a golf club swing. It’s when everything clicks from your toes to the top of your head and everything in between and the ball flies off the racket or the club or the bat with seemingly no effort but it flies and flies and flies.

There is a complex set of motions, actions and reactions that take place when a baseball player connects well and the ball flies out of the park.  Every neuron, nerve, molecule, synapse, muscle, tendon from the toes to the top of the head fires in rapid and explosive succession to produce that home run.

That’s how my run felt earlier this week.  I was in the sweet spot. I was running on rails.  I felt as though I was expending no effort. Everything was working well and I reaped the benefits of my run after I finished and I was drenched with endorphins.  

The Sweet Spot in Time is real and I find more and more of it each time I run.  We’re runners.  We are so lucky.