With apologies to the late Andy Rooney.. Did ya ever…?

Feel so good during a run that the road felt like a downhill all the way even when you were going uphill?

Feel so good that your shoes felt like slippers and the road felt like you were running on carpet?

Feel so good that the air you breathed in was sweet and tasted like honeysuckle?

Feel so relaxed that you were able to inhale and exhale through your nose and mouth at the same time?

Feel so good and loose that you could get your knees and hips out over your feet and you drove through each stride with a tremendous push from your glutes?

Feel so good that when you got home that you just enjoyed the sweat that covered your body?

Feel so good that an hour after you finished your run you felt strong enough to go do another 5 miles?

Feel so good that after a run like I just described that you were thankful and felt blessed that you could run and that you loved running as much as you do?

Feel so good that you felt better when you got home than when you started your run?

Feel so good that you wished everyone could feel like you do now?

Feel so good that you just had to share it with the world?