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June has just about completed it’s work getting us ready for a straight run down the July summer highway.  I’m partial to July as my birthday is July 7,  – 7/7.  One year I celebrated 7/7/77.

July features our best American holiday, The  Fourth, Bastille Day ( Thanks France for the statue), Ringo’s birthday ( also 7/7) and The All Star game which is by far and away the best exhibition game to be found anywhere in professional sports.  Pro Bowl – almost cancelled due to lack of fan and player interest.  NBA slam dunk competition – so what?  NHL – Not really a fan.

The definitive Fourth of July story was written by Jean Shepherd.  A loose collection of his short stories and tales were spun into the movie ” A Christmas Story.”  The story of” Ludlow Kissel and the Dago Bomb that struck back” is required reading at least once a year.

Next Friday I’ll be running the umpteenth annual Ephrata Fireracker Five for the umpteenth time.  It’s pronounced F – Ratah and it’s about 8 miles up Rt, 272 from here.  One year Uncle Sam ran in a waistcoat, striped top hat and long blue pants.  Other participants have included Betsey Ross sewing as she ran and a 6 pack of Bud Lite as 6 guys ran linked together.  

The race has great community support with lots of happy fans who turn out to turn on their garden hoses providing hose down relief for the runners.  The run also features my friend Greg who despite being well into his seventh decade still runs the race carrying an American flag.  It’s always an honor to run with him.

 Congress should pass a resolution making July 45 days long.  Just extend the year by 15 days,  No one will notice.