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Yesterday afternoon being warm, sunny, bright and the first full day of summer I took myself on an easy and I mean easy 5 miler through the neighborhood.  It was mostly a scenery run and a run to clear my head from all the noise and stress that has accumulated lately.

Once I fell into my pace it was just an effortless glide on a Pleasant Valley Sunday with a nod to the late Gerry Goffin who wrote that song along with his wife Carole King.

I saw several people mowing their lawns with gas powered mowers (why?) and a guy power washing his driveway, again why?  My lawnmower is of the ” reel” variety which means all the horsepower comes from me and not fossil fuels but that’s a rant for another day.

I was thinking that if being a runner never provided a single dose of anything to improve my health I don’t really care.  Running has been a way for me to become a better me.

One time during a visit to my Doc’s office the person taking my blood pressure and pulse said ” You’re a runner, aren’t you?” based I suppose on my BP and heart rate.   Is that not the greatest compliment a runner can receive?  I sure think so.

I have achieved what coaches call a good base for my running in that when I finish a workout and return home I have to remind myself that I’ve just completed a run because I don’t feel tired or fatigued.  I feel good and it’s apparent that I am in pretty good shape. In fact, I feel better after I run.

So lace ’em up kids, the road is calling, your head and heart need some nourishment and you need to get out there.  You know you do because you’re a runner – aren’t you?