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Captain Yossarian would be proud.

As a stagehand my work is not always rock and roll and roses.  Sometimes you take a gig simply because it pays and that’s the case with the story I’m about to tell.

I worked a small project earlier in the week which involved hanging some lights, running cable and assembling a small stage in a tent.

The tent was about 20 x 20 with a roof that peaked at 15 feet or so and our stage was placed inside against what would have been the back wall had there been a back wall.  In fact, if there had been any walls it would have been news. Picture a tent with a reasonably high roof and absolutely no walls.  Clear through and through.  I could have thrown a baseball right through and not hit anything or anyone.  Get the picture?

However, due to Fire Department regulations, and I am not making this up, there had to be a lighted EXIT sign posted inside the tent.  That’s right, once inside the tent where you could see for hundreds of yards in all directions, an unobstructed view to all points of the compass  there HAD to be a lighted EXIT sign per Enforcement code blah, blah, blah, paragraph ha- ha, subsection – are you kidding me.  As I left the gig after my job was done the lonely yet proud EXIT sign stood silent as a sentinel pointing one and all the safe way out of the tent ( which had no walls!)

Joseph Heller would be proud.  What would Jean-Paul Sarte say?