“Lunch” she said, I think I’d rather just have another cup of coffee and stay here if you don’t mind.”

“That’s fine with me.”

” So what do you have against Starbucks?”

He replied, ” First of all it’s overpriced and I don’t go for all that Venti, blah, blah, blah, mumbo jumbo.  I understand why people like it.  It’s a familiar, it’s warm and friendly.  It’s all done in earth tones.  I get all that but it seems contrived.  The genius of it is that you can walk into a Starbucks in New York, LA or Mars and it would look pretty much exactly the same.”

” And that’s a problem?”

” Apparently only me but I won’t say that I would never ever go into one”

She said, “I, I mean me, and a million other people like Starbucks for the same reasons you just mentioned.  So don’t annoy me because if you recall I drove you here and it’s a healthy walk back to your car – No, I’m just kidding.  Let’s move on – ok?

” I have to tell you this and it may sound strange but here goes.  One time when I was crossing a crowded street in New York City there were people coming from both directions and as  the crowds merged I saw a woman off to my right and her eyes locked directly into mine but we just kept walking in opposite directions.  The odd thing is that as we were approaching each other it seemed as though time had stopped, the air got warm and we were the only two people on the planet.  It was really was a time out of space experience.  I couldn’t explain it then and i’m still puzzled by it now. By the way, we were both with other people.  I had a date but I have no idea who she was with.  As far as I know no one saw us or realized what had occurred and but it was real.  What do you think that meant?”

“Well, I do believe in cosmic connections, that’s for sure but although you two were meant to see each other there at that moment you weren’t meant to meet. Maybe the woman was me although I can’t recall ever having such an encounter.”

He laughed, ” It would be funny if it were you and after all these years here you are and here I am. I have never told anyone that story before.”

” I’m flattered and I have a story for you too.  I ran into an old friend whose daughter had just gotten married.  She said that the wedding and the entire day were just perfect and so she had resolved to remember the day forever, because, as she said, life is mostly hard times and disappointments so when you get a day like that you need to cherish it and hold onto it tight.  Now, I don’t necessarily agree with her take on life as she described it but I do buy into the hold onto the good times mentality. Are you ready to go?”

He wanted to say no but knew better than to press his luck and stay too long at the fair. ” Yeah, I have things to do and I have to work tonight but I would like to continue our conversation sometime in the very near future.”

” Me too.”