She asked,” Have you ever looked at a couple out in public and you just knew that they were doomed, as a couple that is?”

Surprised at this he replied, ” Yeah, I’m sorry to say that I think I have that sort of sixth sense.  I knew a couple once and after their divorce was final the ex-wife said to me -” Really, you’re surprised at this?  Tell me you didn’t see this coming from a mile away.”  ” The truth is I did see it from two miles away but I couldn’t tell her that.  It’s really not that hard to read body language, the coolness and the lack of any seeming affection.’

“Yeah,” she said. ” What would people say about us?”

“Two hours and we’re an us?”

She took off her glasses,” Well, hypothetically, if we were an us.”

He said, ” Well, we do have a bit in common – cars, coffee…baseball, jazz.”

” Umm, no on the baseball and yes on the jazz.  I have to say this straight out.  I thought that in being married the key to a good marriage was compromise.  You give a little, and you get some back a little.  While I was married it seemed that after a while all I did was compromise and then one day I didn’t recognize myself anymore.  And not only do I NOT know who this guy is, I’m pretty sure I’m not who I want to be.”

” I understand I think, no I do understand, and now you are in the process of getting back to your same old used to be as the song says.”

” Yup and I’m finally having fun.  I used to be someone special and I’m starting to feel that way again.”

“I’m glad, are you hungry, how about lunch?”