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Today is a day for me and instead of thinking about my role as a father I always tend to spend more time thinking about my Dad.

He was born in 1918 and shared a birthday with George Gershwin.  I share mine with Ringo Starr.  My dad’s birthday was in September just two months before the ” War to end all Wars” ended.  Twenty two years later he would have his own war which didn’t end wars either.

Today for all you fans of the New York Mets is also the 50th anniversary of the perfect game that Jim Bunning tossed against them as a member of those Philadelphia Phillies.  I know because I watched that game on our black and white TV.  Funny what you remember and don’t remember.

Same way with Dad’s and being a Dad.  I remember a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  You never really know what other people, especially your kids recall and I realize that I have no control over what sticks in their minds.

There are many songs about Dads.  Here is one of the best.

Happy Father’s Day.