I’ve been in our nation’s capital this week, the holy city, Las Vegas and it’s high time I hightailed it out of here.

I’ve been working and maybe more on that later.  On my flight in was a group of German men all heading to ” Izzy’s wedding.”  That’s what was written on their t shirts.  The shirts also had a picture of a woman holding a leash attached to a man who was on all fours.  Congratulations to the newlyweds. Love and marriage like a horse and carriage but not literally with traces, harnesses and buggy whips or maybe so.

Not my idea of the ideal wedding logo but maybe things are different across the pond.  Our European travelers benefitted from the euro exchange rate as they enjoyed many Bud Lites at 30,000 feet and $7 a can.  ( No endorsement implied, please drink responsibly and if you do something stupid while you you are drunk you can’t sue us because we warned you in writing). At least that’s what Legal says.

I guess the appeal of Vegas is that it’s always on.  I guess the reason I don’t like LV is that it’s always on.  There is so much sensory overload that it’s hard to hear yourself think.  Maybe that’s the point -eh?

In any case, I wanna go home.