” Do you believe in love at first sight,?” He asked, ” You know like in that Beatles tune I’ve just seen a face.”

She was silent.

” The song is about a guy who falls head over heels and want the whole world to know it. Sometimes I think the beauty of the lyric disappears due to the catchy tune and bouncy melody.  But if you slow the song down and listen, really listen you’ll see it’s a great love song.”

Still silent she finally said,” Look, I can fall in love easily at the drop of a hat.  Luckily, neither of us is wearing one.”

Now he was silent as she continued.

” Where is the place you want to have coffee?  I like Starbucks”

” I don’t” he said.  How about a place right down the street called Lucky’s?  No mocha, bocha, vente whatever.  Just coffee.  Can you use the isthmus in a sentence?” changing gears.

She looked puzzled.  ” Isthmus?” 

” Yeah, isthmus be my lucky day.”