Author’s Note : In this little saga between two adults that I have created i would like to offer the following disclaimer, namely that:

” Any resemblance to persons currently living or currently dead, currently incarcerated or currently a local tv news anchor are purely, and I mean purely coincidental and the result of a faulty memory (mine) and an overactive imagination ( also mine).

Don’t try to sue me because I have friends in the legal profession but besides that if you want to take over the mortgage and car payments then be my guest.  In other words, I got plenty of nuthin’.

I’m open to suggestions to name for our intrepid pair as they start what I hope to be a long and happy relationship.  I’ll also take any reasonable suggestion for plot twists and places you think the story should go.  The ultimate goal is that no one gets to be unhappy or spend their time wishing that they were somewhere else.

Have a nice day.