” What’s this about a story you are writing?” she asked.

” It’s more of a narrative actually” he replied.

” Narrative, story, what’s the difference?”

Scrambling he said, ” A narrative sounds more classy, more intellectual like it should be in The New Yorker or some other literary magazine.”

” Go on.”  He knew the hole was getting deeper.

” Look,” he said.  ” No one goes to movie school.  They go to Film school.  Ahem, I studied film.  No one gets a degree in movies although that’s probably where you have to go to earn a living in that business.”

” I see your point but I’m not convinced.  So I am in this narrative?” she asked skeptically.

” Yeah, we are the main characters.  What we think, where we’ve been, where we are going.”

” And where are we going?” she wanted to know.

” Good question. I don’t really know but i think that we are making a good start.”

She decided to set some ground rules.  ” OK, I like the part about where we are going since I like you, we have similar tastes in cars and you appear to be the kind of guy I could trust to have my back when I need someone to do just that.  From now on I get to have input into this story of the two of us.”  

He was ready for this and was happy that she wanted to a part of the story.  ”  No problem” he said.

She said, ” First of all, everything and anything in my past and yours is off limits, it’s over.  We’re both adults and probably have done any number of stupid and regrettable things of which, if we manage to make something out of whatever this is or is going to be is… I don’t know.  I can’t think about what might be and what is at the same time but I’m in.”

He smiled.  He hadn’t felt this good and warm and safe in years.