Here we are, barely a week into June.  The weather has been terrific, warm, clear, sunny and in a word just perfect.

So what’s my problem?  My problem is that when I sit on my porch in the evening listening to the National Pastime ( Philies vs Mets, Hoplessness meets Futiliy head on) on my AM radio instead of the peaceful and gentle rustling of leaves I hear air conditioning compressors kick in, turn on and run and run and run.  It’s only June people – open a window for goodness sakes

On trips to my local supermarket I have to bring a fleece because the store is so chilled meat can remain fresh without the benefit of being in the refrigerated case.   Riding to work earlier this morning the driver had the AC on and the windows open !!!  Is it just me?  I can’t be the only one who sees the absurdity in all this.  In pretending that it’s not really summer.  Or maybe this is what summer means to everyone else but me.  Let’s pretend.

When I was a kid, no one had air conditioning.  Maybe rich people did but no one that I knew. Cars, AC?  Not a chance.  I just find it ridiculous that people wear sweatshirts indoors in July.  I travel a lot and I have to pack fall clothing in August when I go to Florida for work.  Stop the madness.

Summer is supposed to be summer indoors and outdoors, not summer outdoors and fall indoors.  You know S-TV, all summer, all the time.  I’ve waited all year for the chance to to be warmed by the sun.  Thank you.  I feel much better now.

Yours for fresh air and the warmth of the sun.