And by Lefty I don’t mean Phillies great Steve Carlton, or Lefty down the street who plays mandolin or even Lefty  of       ” Pancho and Lefty” fame in the song written by Townes Van Zandt.  Nope, since my left knee has become troubled I have assigned a personality to it, hence Lefty.

Me and Lefty went out for a run yesterday and we did an easy 5 miler stopping along the way to chat with friends and neighbors.  There were no issues while running although after I was back home it was obvious that something in my left wheel wasn’t right.  Not painful, not anything to stop me from running again possibly later this afternoon but like a piece of something was missing or out of alignment.

My Doc says I can run as long as it doesn’t hurt.  He is not a runner. He knows that NOT running is NOT an option for me.  I must be a difficult patient to say the least.

So for now I plan to keep running until until I get the second opinion this week based on my Oscar winning MRI film        ” Running with Lefty”, not to be confused with ” Travels with Charley.” ” I laughed, I cried, – Go see it. The first feel good bum knee movie of the year raves the Journal of Orthopedic Medicine.” Well, maybe not.

So much of running is tied up in our heads and hearts and sometimes our knees and that’s why we run.  Running with Lefty.