The ride was uneventful.  The car was an automatic.  Manual transmissions require special orders these days.  One day no one will know how to drive a stick.

” This is a really nice car.  Not at all like the VW’s I used to own.   On one the heater cables were broken in the on position so I got heat all the time and another one had no heat so I had to drive in the winter with a blanket across my lap and my dash was wall to wall duct tape. I didn’t have money in those days for luxuries like repairs or heat or no heat.”

” Welcome to the 21st century,” she said.  “So, where are we going with this” she asked ?”

” You mean the ride for coffee, our conversation or the story I’m writing in my head?”

” I mean what are your intentions?”

” I think it’s a little early for intentions.  How about coffee and we’ll take it from there.”  “Tell you what, you need gas?  Pull into that station and I’ll fill that tank.”

” Oh no, I can’t let you do that.”

“A wise, old friend once told me to never turn down help if someone offered even if you didn’t need it.  I’m offering a corollary that you should never turn down free gas. You can spring for the coffee.”

” Okay, I accept.  What’s this about a story you’re writing?”