I received an unsolicited piece of mail this afternoon, real mail, not the digital sort.  It was a letter from a too big to fail bank reminding me that my time on the ” Do Not Ever Send Me Junk Mail List ” is about to expire.  I was kind of hoping that on that particular list that I was a lifer.

Let’s think about that again – shall we?  I am on a do not mail list yet I get a letter in violation of my mailing preferences reminding me that I am missing valuable offers and I might want to consider putting my name and address BACK on the ” Please mail me all the crap you want” list.  Yes, and I’ll take an order of intestinal parasites, gout and sharp sticks in the eye too.

I can re-up by phone, by visiting their website ( cookies required) or by stopping into one of their branch offices where I can tell some poor underling to leave me alone and I can do it in person.  Is it any wonder that my favorite book of all time is ” Catch -22?”


Major Major