” Really,” she said.  ” You’re not serious about anything?”

” I take that back, there are lots of things I’m serious about.”

” Like what?”

” My friends and family, music, running, working, not working, lots of things so I guess I just misspoke in an attempt to sound like someone I’m not.”

” Now, why would you do that?”

” I don’t know.”  I just wanted to sound interesting in a Humphrey Bogart Casablanca kind of way.”

” Humphrey Bogart you’re not.”

” You know” he said changing the subject, my first car was a VW, well, not really a VW.  It was a Kharman Ghia.  Great little car, it had a VW engine but unfortunately it folded up when I got rear ended by a Chevy pick up truck.  Anymore, I don’t really care what I drive as long as it doesn’t cost me a lot in upkeep.  Honesty, if I could I would ditch owning a car completely.”

She thought for a minute and said,” Luckily, I have  been accident free but I will tell you that you can buy me a cup of coffee and we can further discuss Rick and  Ilsa and my car if you would like.”

” Your car or mine?” she asked.

” Let’s take yours, I haven’t been in a Beetle in years.”