I have a tune stuck in my head and now all of you can have it too.  It’s ” Bus Stop” by The Hollies.  

My previous post was just a snippet of a thought I had based on a really, true chance encounter I had the other day.  The parking lot was real and so was the VW and the license plate.  The rest is what I think might have happened..

The Hollies took their name from Buddy Holly according to an autobiography I read written by Graham Nash, one of the group’s founding members.

” Bus Stop” is a great little tune.  It tells it’s story with a beginning, a middle and an end.  

And so with a great weekend about to begin, Colby off to the mountains and a couple of miles here and there, me off to the country and a weekend of old friends, new friends, guitars, fiddles, dobros, singing, howlin’ at the moon and Dancin’ in the Moonlight             ( another great little tune) it’s time to end with a song:  

That’s the way the whole thing started.  The rest of the story is what I think might have happened – or did it?