Over the years I’ve seen some running T shirt’s with succinct messages:

“No halftimes, no substitutions, no time outs”

“He said – You run like a girl and I said If you run faster you can too”

“While you were sleeping we were training”

“Your hardest day of running is our easiest day”

And my favorite – “If this was any easier it would be called Football”

On a lighter note … One time I got beat by a guy wearing a Fred Flintstone outfit.  I have also come in behind a guy wearing a tux and carrying tray of glasses, a guy who skipped rope the entire distance, a runner who juggled all the way, Uncle Sam, Betsy Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus and some teenaged kid wearing a Megadeath t shirt and basketball sneakers.

I did manage to come in ahead of a guy one year in the Philadelphia Marathon who was running as, and I am not making this up, ” Larry The Lighthouse.”  As Casey Stengel once said. ” You could look it up.”