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If you remember your high school French the word ” sans” means without.  And so that’s how I run now and have run for years and years.

I started running when I was 13 years old and a freshman in high school.  I just signed up for Medicare so do the math, I’ll wait…and yeah, it works out to somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 years.  To be sure I haven’t run every day since 1963 but running is as natural to me as breathing, playing my guitar or singing Beach Boy songs.

Running with music wasn’t an option when I started and even when it became possible to run while listening to music I never picked up the habit.  When I run the only thing I want to listen to is the sound of me.  I like hearing my breath and the sound of my shoes hitting the ground.  

In races, especially marathons chatting with fellow runners helps to pass the time and miles.  Nowadays, so many runners are wired for sound and that makes starting a conversation pretty difficult.  I mean, I guess I understand how music can help motivate a person on a run but I can’t quite bring myself to join the crowd.

I have plenty of music to play inside my head when I run and I also spend a good deal of time on my runs arranging songs.  

But if I did run with a musical device here the song that would be number one on the playlist and incidentally, it’s from 1964 and I think it’s in the Key of E.

Way back in bunch of previous posts I kind of chronicled my years of running but that was before I figured out how helpful tags were and way before I had any likes or followers.  If you feel adventurous feel free to dig through the blog.  Have a great weekend.