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I don’t think about – Work, bills, taxes, my calendar, my friggin’ phone, the job I didn’t get, insurance, the price of gasoline, both Houses of Congress, the cats, mowing the lawn, painting the porch, The New York Mets, where I have to be tomorrow, what I should have done yesterday, why can’t I be fast again like when I was young, a guy I work with who is a real jerk or how fast I’m going.

I do think about – breathing, how lucky I am to be healthy and still running after all these years, the warm weather, sun and clouds, how good I feel, arranging songs in my head, humming and singing to myself, how much I love to sweat, how great I will feel when I get back home sitting on the front porch relaxing and feeling the buzz from my head to my heels, my next marathon, how great I felt after my last marathon and smiling.

The late, great Steve Goodman once wrote a song titled ” Would You Like to learn to Dance?”  There is a wonderful line where he sings, ” Would you like to learn sing, the words sound much better when you smile”

My run is so much better when I smile.  Thanks, Steve.