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I wrote those words on a piece of adhesive tape and put it on the back of my shirt for last year’s Philadelphia Marathon.  I had stumbled across the phrase and thought it would be a good motivating slogan.  It was.  

All through the summer months and the summer miles I kept telling myself that and soon it became as much a part of me as putting on my socks and running shoes.  I really was stronger than I thought I was.

In the 2013 Philadelphia Marathon around mile 20 while I was walking another runner slowly came up behind me, read the back of my shirt and said ” Thanks, Buddy.”  ” I needed that.”  We ran together for a few more miles talking about running, what a beautiful day it was, how much we both hurt and how sweet the finish line would look when it finally came into view. 

I run marathons to make friends, have fun and to cross the finish line.  The time doesn’t matter.  

A marathon is my Super Bowl, World Series Game Seven and the Olympics all on the same day.  I’ll never dunk a basketball or have a 90 mile per hour fastball or throw a football 60 yards.  

But I have 9 marathon finisher medals.  I think ten sounds like a good round number.  See you in Philly in November.  Serious training starts July first.