I recently finished a book about The Allman Brothers Band.  The title is ” One Way Out” and it consists mainly of interviews with the members of the band, friends, fellow musicians and even the band’s roadies.

I’ve always liked the band and thought that their blend of rock, jazz and blues was something that set them apart.  That and their superior musicianship.

The book covers the band from the early days right up to the present through all of the highs and lows of their career.  For most bands, the loss of such a central figure like Duane Allman would have been enough to make them fold up the tent.  They didn’t and emerged in new directions that were both musically pleasing and challenging.

The band’s member’s had an abundance of talent.  Unfortunately, most of them had access to an abundance of drugs which  effected their live performances and their relationships with each other.  Somehow they managed to hang on and make incredible music.

The song ” In Memory of Elizabeth Reed” is not your standard 1, 4, 5 rock and roll tune.  It combines jazz, rock, blues and loads of improvisation that sets the band far away from the pack.

It’s one of their best which still holds up after 43 years on ” Live at the Fillmore East.”  Listening to it on your laptop speakers doesn’t come close to doing it justice.  Hope you like it.

There is not a wasted drop of music in this tune.  And there was no pyro, no fog or smoke machines, no video screens, no one flying out over the audience on some kind of contraption.  No props to detract from the presentation of the music.  The music held up on it’s own and it still holds up today.  Duane was only 24 years old when he died.  What an amazing talent.  Imagine what he could have accomplished with more years.