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I can safely say that Spring has arrived here on the East Coast or more specifically south central Pennsylvania.  It’s about time.  The winter, in case anyone has really short memories, was tough.

Lots of yard work and planning for outside summer house projects that sometimes are completed by September and sometimes not.  My favorite part of spring is being able to get back to running on a more regular and serious basis.  Summer will bring road races and all that fun.

Since my blog is called ” Reading, Writing, Running and Rhythm” I thought I would try and cover all the bases in one sitting.

Just finished a book called ” Where Nobody Knows Your Name” by John Feinstein.  It’s about a year in the the minor leagues, specifically the International League where players, managers, umpires and broadcasters all aspire to one day being in the major leagues.  It’s a Triple A league which means it’s one step removed from the bigs but it’s a mighty big step.  There are stories about players on the way up, on the way down and in between.  If you love baseball – this might be a good read.

Writing – mostly I only write on these electronic pages and in my running journal where I keep stats and times.  It gives me a good reading on where my running was last year.  It goes back several years through good runs, not so good runs, injuries, recoveries, races and marathons.

The Running portion is fairly obvious.  If you chance to look back I have written a number of articles on running especially from way back when I first started to run.  My slanted view of history as I see it and after a few years I’m still  at it.

And Rhythm – well, we all love music and my tastes are pretty broad from George and Ira Gershwin through The Beatles, Django, Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, The Beach Boys and I could fill pages on music that moves me.

There are a number of Spring tunes around and I stumbled on this one a few years back.

It’s worth the listen.