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I was there as a spectator and a fan at the finish line.  After last year I knew that I had to go to Boston this year.

It was an incredible time, an amazing event and something that I won’t ever forget.  Only my participation as a runner this year could top how I felt.

The pain and the sadness of last year were always in the back of my mind but the determination of Boston to move on without forgetting last year was a wonderful thing to see and feel and experience.   

The marathon is a race for the elites and a festival for the rest of us who run and cheer.  For me it’s a race where the clock doesn’t matter, only crossing the finish line does.  If you have run a marathon then you know exactly what I mean.  

If you haven’t then I can’t explain it to you in any terms you might understand.  Because until you cross that line you won’t ever know and then you won’t be able to explain it to anyone who hasn’t run 26.2 miles.

It was a great day for the City of Boston, it’s citizens, anyone who runs and for all those who ran on Monday.