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I own six guitars.  Six of the best friends I have.

John Denver was my inspiration for buying the first guitar.  John and a woman named Kate who sang and played a red Gibson Hummingbird.

I met Kate at a party where she played and sang.  It was obvious to me how important music was to her. She was a sweetie.  I already owned the album ” Poems, prayers and Promises” by John Denver.  I bought  a Yamaha 12 string guitar and the sheet music to ” Take me Home, Country Roads.”  I played the song over and over again and learned to play by putting my fingers on the frets where the dots on the music said that I should.  That was in 1972.  Here we are some 44 years later and I still play that song.

I can’t not pick up my guitar and smile.  Pardon the convoluted negatives.  My guitar takes me to place that’s mine alone. It has good days and bad days completely independent of my mood.  Sometimes even a good guitar mood can’t get me out of a funk but that’s pretty rare.

The more relaxed I am the better I play.  Steve Goodman wrote in song lyrics that ” The words always sound so much sweeter when you smile.”  It’s that way with playing too.  if I’m smiling on the inside and the outside the guitar responds and the music is the beneficiary.

Since my folkie days I’ve drifted through rock and roll and jazz.  When someone asks me about my musical preferences i always say that I like to be at the corner where Duke Ellington intersects with Bob Wills and Django and the brothers Gershwin and Allman along with Stephane Grappelli, Kenny Rankin, The Beatles and The Beach Boys and Benny Goodman and Steve Goodman along with his buddy John Prine.

You know the old joke?

How many guitars does a guitar player need?

Just one more.