This one comes way out of left field.  A neighbor appeared in a dream.  She lived next door to me for about 10 years and passed away several years ago.

I’m a little fuzzy on the exact sequence but in my dream Gladys told me to visit her favorite place – Elsinore and handed me a small piece of fabric which held a key.

I thought Elsinore was a city somewhere at the Jersey shore.  Gladys and her husband used to vacation at the beach and so did I for several years.  Elsinore is the island where Hamlet’s castle was located.

I can’t make any sense of this dream.  There was no precursor, hint or suggestion during that day which might have put Hamlet into my mind.  I don’t think I’m having any Hamlet type issues but life’s been pretty complicated lately so maybe I have been more perplexed than I realize.  There must be something mystical that I’m searching for and I will admit to always thinking and looking and wishing and hoping.

Life is a series of crossroads.  Nobody knows that more than I do.  Here’s hoping that Hamlet or Gladys show up in another dream soon and explain themselves.