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My local newspaper publishes among marriage licenses and divorces recorded at the county courthouse.  These items are on the public record and so the public has a right to know who plans to get married and who has had enough of being married.  Often these columns run side by side without any trace of irony I can detect.

I suppose these articles functions as space fillers.  Local college students who achieve the Dean’s list and or graduate get ink.  I once ran a marathon and emailed the sports editor with my finishing time and the next day I was on a one line item in the sports section.  Local news is good.  It’s nice to see who is happy ( marriage) and not so happy ( divorce) or maybe the recently divorced are happier than when they were married.  That would sort of seem to make sense.

There is one part of the public record that I wish the local paper would not publish.  It’s the monthly coroner’s report.   I sometimes read about the deaths that are natural or accidental.  Ages are listed and it’s troubling to read of a person who left this world too soon. And even sadder when they leave this world much, much too soon.  It’s the way of the world.  What bothers me is when the cause of death is listed as suicide.

I can’t imagine the depths of pain and blackness that a person feels just before he or she decides that there is no other option than to take their life.  These poor souls are suffering and take their actions as away to end awful reality as they know it.

It serves no purpose to have anyone who picks up the paper to see that someone they probably don’t even know has ended their own life.  It’s unnecessary information.  Keep it private for law enforcement, the legal system and the families.  We don’t need to know.

Publishing these tragedies only seems to prolong the suffering and the pain.  It’s so sad.