Which brings me sort of up to date with running.  Nine marathons and optimistic that I can run more of them.  My kids both ran XC and track in high school and my daughter continued running in college for all four years.  Both of my kids have completed marathons.

It’s funny how as a parent you influence your kids in now so much in what you say but in what you do, how you live and what is important to you.  I never pushed the kids into running.  They did it all on their own as opposed to taking piano lessons which was a grand experiment that crashed and burned.  In the end I took lessons longer than both of them.

Running is something I can control.  Out of the house on my own terms and at my own speed.  Often I take scenery  runs where it’s just an opportunity just to look around.  Sometimes it’s a good day and sometimes not.  Just like life.  My shortest run anymore is 2 miles although I can easily do from 3 to 5 miles with no problem pretty much anytime I want.

I have been so blessed to be able to run and to enjoy it too.  Marathons get really tough somewhere around 16 miles and the enjoyment factor is out the window.  It hurts and it’s painful.  But with the encouragement of family, the fans and other runners and then seeing that finish line come into view it’s more than worth the price of the ticket.  It’s something that no one can ever take away from me.

Running makes me feel special and I guess in a sense I was born to run.  There is no feeling like finishing a run and relaxing,  feeling the buzz from head to toe both inside and out.  It’s a real gift.

Running helps clear my head.  Running is where I dive deep into myself and go places I don’t normally go.  I guess I’m tuned to introspection once I get a few miles into a run.  I love to sweat and breathe hard and feel exhausted.

Here’s to running, yours and mine.  Happy Trails.

Below is Philadelphia 2013 around mile 13.  Only 13.2 to go.