Living in Pennsylvania and the popularity of running as a sport and a way of life had started to take hold,  Road races were organized and running shops were springing up.  It was coincidentally around this time that I picked up a guitar and I’ve been playing ever since.

I was young and strong enough that I could enter 5 mile races with not much training and run well.  Those were the good old days.

I ran a marathon, again without much training in 1985.  I’m leaving out a lot of details mostly because I can’t really recall them and also because some of them I have chosen to forget.  By now though running was a natural part of my life and even though it pegged me as somewhat of a weirdo I keep on doing it because it made me feel special and it added an intangible to my life.  I couldn’t see it or taste it but overall I knew that it was a good thing.  Sometimes good things appear without notice, sneak into your life and they become natural as breathing in and breathing out.  Running and guitars, for example.

The next couple of years flew by with kids but I kept running and running and running until I couldn’t find the line where running ended and I began.  We were pretty much one and the same.

I am absolutely certain that I was the only one on my block who got up at 6 am to watch the marathon run at the Atlanta Olympics in 1992.  Ran another marathon in 1998 but I hardly considered myself a serious marathoner.  It was a painful slog.  My son told me that the guy who finished ahead of me did a cartwheel across the finish line.  I just wanted to be wheeled home.

But here is where running became even more deeply ingrained in me as a lesson in toughing things out, not quitting and finding out more about me.  I read a quote once that said – ” If you have any questions about yourself that you want answered then run a marathon.”  Yeah – I get that.

If I were a drummer I think that this would be a fun song to play.