I ran XC in Connecticut during the fall of my senior year in college.  We were a good team and definitely had more runners than were on my Iowa team.  I think that I trained off and on during the summer leading to the season. My teammates were serious runners.

I was working in a luncheonette from 6 am to 10 every morning that summer and I lived right above it.  The commute was very easy.  Mostly what I can recall from that summer is that I ran in shoes that were taped together as they were literally falling apart.  Who had money for luxuries like running shoes?

Once again I started out near the bottom of the pack and advanced only slightly.  I still didn’t quite get running as an endeavor beyond the team or the season.  I remember the last race of the season where I ran my best time of the year and came in next to last.  Or maybe it was last but it didn’t matter.  I was able to enjoy and be happy for the fact I had run my best race.

Cross Country that fall introduced me to a woman who became my girlfriend for a few months.  We were just what we both needed at the time and we were pretty good for each other.  That spring the song ” It’s Too Late” was a hit on the radio and eventually became an important song to me as eventually it was too late baby and that was the end of that.

Running as a release and as exercise was starting to become a part of my life and running in public for fun was becoming acceptable although there were still years and years ahead where runners would be hounded and mocked by drivers on the roads.

Connecticut soon gave way to Pennsylvania.

Given that this is such a pretty and warm tune and that it deals with a relationship ending makes it all the more poignant.  As I write these notes about running I’m rediscovering how much music has been a part of my life for many, many years.   And that I really can’t separate those threads from my life into categories.  It’s all part of who I am and in a very lovely way.