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He was just coming around a corner inside the bank one afternoon when he saw her staring at him.  He had some business at the teller window and so she must have seen him while he was facing away from her.  When he turned she was looking right at him with a look that invited him to look right back.

He did look back at her stopping just short of staring but with a smiling and friendly gaze.  He looked away to break the moment but couldn’t resist looking again and she was still there with her eyes pointed right at him.  He suddenly felt warm and very relaxed.

This went on for a minute or so.  To him it felt like a moment that had been planned by some cosmic force that said:” This is the time, this is the place.”  I’ve done my part, now the rest is up to you.”

A voice inside told him that maybe what he thought he was thinking and feeling was not real and that he should not trust the moment.  But there she was still was stealing glances.  ” Great, now what should I do?” he thought.

He left the bank walking slowly back to his car which was parked two blocks away at the library.  He walked at a deliberate pace hoping that she would follow.  He turned back once and she was about a half block behind him.  The light was green on the corner was green and he crossed.  “Maybe I’m just imagining this” he thought.  He kept walking and turned at the library pausing on the steps.  She walked right by.

For an instant he struggled with a way to make contact.  Maybe – ” Pardon me do you have the time?” even though he was wearing a watch.  There was a coffee shop two doors down.  Maybe that would work.  But he froze and she kept walking looking straight ahead.  He quickly got to his car and drove around the block hoping to see her one more time.

Maybe it was a moment, maybe it was the moment or maybe it was nothing.  He looked at his watch, noted the time and made a note to be in the bank again next Thursday at 1:10 in the afternoon.  Maybe lightning and luck would strike twice in the same place.

Maybe next Thursday.