Not just any band, a 19 piece Big band.  You know, people who can read music and the like except I’m the only one who does not read.  Reading is a skill not especially necessary for a guitar player as the chords are indicated above the staff.  Play the chords as written, take note of the rests and repeats and be sure to end on your last beat of your last measure.

I play with musicians who range all the way into their 80’s.  I never thought that I would even know anyone 80 years old and here I am making music with them.

I feel the music more than read it.  There are tunes we play that sound like we are reading them and there are those that sound like we are really playing because we are.  There is no lag between seeing the note, processing and playing it.  It’s all right there simultaneously in the moment and when we all get it right we’re in the pocket.

That’s an old jazz term meaning the rhythm section was so locked in to each other that they were playing as one.

Here’s the best – no one does it better.