” Do you love me?” she asked.

In the slightest hesitation before he spoke, a space so small that science can’t measure but her heart could she knew that he did not love her anymore.  

His words would not matter because she knew.  She knew that they were at the end.  Not by her choice but she wasn’t going to hang around and wait for the inevitable.  Better to leave with my dignity intact and so she started making plans for moving out and moving on with her life.

She knew she seen this movie before.  Knowing herself and the months and mountains of pain and unhappiness that could lie ahead she decided that this time she would be stronger than she had ever been before.  

There would still be the oh no not again pain and as she wrote once before when another relationship had failed ” Time is measured in terms of pain not felt.”

Time.  She knew it could be her friend.  She was reminded of a journal entry in which she wrote ” August, 1978.  The change begins.”