My kids had a cross country coach in high school who once told them to be invisible when they ran.  Part of a training run cut across a section of a golf course and they would definitely be trespassing.  When I ran in hs and maybe college I think that some of our races were held on golf courses which are perfect places to run.  Golfers apparently don’t think so.

Back to being invisible.  Sometimes the lack of customer service makes me feel as though no one can see me.  That is frustrating and sometimes in a crowd I feel like I’m there but really not there.  That’s my choice.  But wouldn’t it be great if you could be invisible?

Not for nefarious reasons like eavesdropping or committing crimes.  Just to observe and see people as they really are when no one is watching, well, someone would be but who would know?  At time being invisible is the way I make myself feel.  That’s a day when I’m feeling cold and small.  It’s a self-esteem issue.