I don’t know what I was expecting last night when The Beatles were saluted by the Grammys.  I think I was looking forward to an introspective, quiet and intelligent program.  That’s not what I got.

It was an exercise in seeing how many graphics, swooping camera shots and cuts we could possibly jam into every possible second of the show.  I’m watching to see Paul play, not people I don’t even know they are in the audience clap and dance and mouth the words.  The band is onstage.  We’re not here to see the lights or the pretty pictures or even listen to the out of work actors introduce yet another – ” Who are you?” playing a Beatles tune.

I thought the Letterman segments were well done and I would have liked to have seen more of that.  I work in a world of flash and trash, enough please.  Paul made a good point which I had never realized before when he said that John with any other guys or George or any of us with other players would have been a terrific band.  He modestly and honestly said – ” We were a good little band.”

I enjoyed the segments with the fans  and Sullivan’s production crew.  The music stands on it’s own and doesn’t need all those bells and whistles to work.  It worked 50 years ago.  It still works now.

Blow up your tv.