That’s me – no music to get me psyched or to keep me going.  No running playlists.  No Born to Run, Run like the wind  or It keeps you Running’ or anything else for motivation.  Leave my i pod at home.  I’m on a run.

  I only want to hear the sound of my breath and my feet hitting the ground.  There is already music playing my head.  I get into my zone easily.  I concentrate and think and sometimes sing out loud.

 In races It’s impossible to talk to anyone wearing headphones since they usually can’t hear me.  My goals in a marathon are to finish, have fun and meet people.  Too often runners are so tuned in to their inner selves that meeting people goes out the window.

I spend time on a run arranging and rehearsing songs.  A few years back when I was injured and had to resort to stair climbers and stationary bikes I used my i pod and that was a great revelation.  The i pod is great for mindless exercise and it does it very well.

If you run to this one you won’t go very fast.  This song is best heard sitting in a warm kitchen waiting for tonight’s snow.

There’s music all around us all the time, the bank, the supermarket, the dentist and on and on.  Sometimes it’s nice just to listen to the sound of me.