Sparing us all the details it was a colossal waste of time, the game, the hype, the halftime, the presentation and all the commercials except one where ( whatever the product was) everyone was saluting some guy for something and a dad let his kid crash on his tricycle.  So much for brand recognition, brand loyalty and market research.

While running yesterday afternoon the word sundae popped into my head.  How is it that Sunday and sundae came to be and co-exist?  I can add a third sunday although I can’t vouch for the correct spelling.

In my business a sunday is a closed loop of wire rope that is used to grab several lines of rope in a theatre ( theater?) so they can be attached to a single point on a block and tackle.  This is all done at the pin rail on the fly floor.  Another of our tools is a clew which we use to snatch and even up the long line, the middle line and the short line so they all are the same length.  These lines are attached to batten by using a clove hitch knot which is cinched off by adding two half hitches above the clove. Do two half hitches equal a one hitch knot?  I don’t know.

We also use drapes called teasers, borders and legs.  Words in my business.  Each profession has it’s own lingo and you have to understand the language to survive.