WordPress has several tools, tips and hints for getting more traffic to my blog.  All of them involve social media which is a problem for me since I have no connection any social type media.  Really, I have none at all with the exception of this little piece of internet real estate.

So where does that leave me?  I’m not a Luddite, I don’t smash machines.  It’s my decision not to participate.  I can look at Facebook pages and I guess I can access a Twitter feed but I feel no need to do any of that.  I’m comfortable knowing what I know and I really don’t care about all those other forms of communication.  

We all have cell phones, people talk all the time but does more talking equate to more understanding?  Not really.  Do people get along better?  Nope.  Has the world become a better place?  Again, not really.

So, to ask the question – where does this leave me?  In a pretty good place feeling special because I don’t have all of those extraneous connections.  I try to keep the connections more personal, ok, it’s via email but it’s more of a one to one relationship than one of the broadcast variety.  Maybe the broadcast relationships work, I guess they do since so many people now have them.  I think that in my corner of the world I’m doing just fine with my limited social access.  

I don’t think it’s an age related issue.  More of a ” Who needs it?” issue.  Maybe the moral here is that it works for me, I’m comfortable and I see no real compelling reason to do anything differently.  

I cant really make a case for my position that would make someone agree with me and ditch all their social media connections.

I think part of turning my back on Facebook is how it and all other form of social media have been co-opted by people trying to sell me something.   Does toilet paper or ketchup need to be ” liked? ”  It’s become a pathetic race to the bottom when a tv newscast begs me to like them. I don’t have to like them.  They want my opinion to fill airtime and make me think that they really care about me.  It’s all about the numbers, numbers that matter to them – ratings, advertising dollars.

That’s what is insidious about the whole social media facade.  It’s a great pretending.  Excuse me while I go read the newspaper