They’re everywhere.  Here’s what i don’t get about ads on You Tube for example.

I select a video to play and an ad appears that I can skip in 5 seconds.  I always do and so my question is – What’s in for the advertisers?  Does YT get credit for a click if I skip the ad?  I always mute even the 15 second ads so no on really knows if the ad had any kind of impact at all.  The pop up ads that appear on the YT screen – If you ignore them they eventually go away.

The NBA is forcing it’s players to wear T shirts in lieu of the normal basketball jersey. The reason – ad space.  

Pretty soon we all will look like a NASCAR drivers in full regalia like this guy.Image 

ImageOr golfers like this guy.

Ads pay the bills but when will anyone realize that too much is too much and honestly, they don’t work.  Just two days from the annual ad orgy.  Enjoy the game and your snacks.


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