There are eight robins sitting in a tree outside my kitchen window right now.  The real number fluctuates as robins come an go but I think that eight works as the average.  They sure can’t be a harbinger of spring since spring is a good two months away on the calendar and today’s temperature is minus zero.  I just made that up as a new useless weather term. Pass it around and see if it catches on.

I always thought that robins flew south for the winter but that’s not the case.  They can stay all year round in northern locations.  I have been filling and refilling the bird feeder in the yard for the past two days.  I’ve got loads of sparrows, finches and even a cardinal or two.  The robins don’t seem interested in the feeder. I don’t know what has drawn them to my back yard.  In the summer I get yellow finches at the sunflowers.  Not today, maybe in 7 months or so as they prepare to migrate south.

I just added sunflower seeds to the feeder and that’s what has brought the cardinals.  It’s got to be a tough gig being a small bird toughing it out through the winter.  I do what I can.  This is a picture from last summer’s crop.  At the peak I had about 26 sunflowers growing.  It was great.

In the meantime…