You can’t snooze while playing, can’t phone it in, mail it in, text it or pretend you are somewhere else when you’re in it.  The best part is playing something unrehearsed where your thoughts and licks come from somewhere deep inside but you don’t really know where or how they managed to get to the surface at that time.

Sometimes you hit a clunker but it’s yours and no one really cares because you are among friends and every single one of them has a bucket full of bad notes lurking somewhere too.  There are no wrong notes in music.

I love the idea of playing live, playing without a net.  The ice might get thin but I push my luck into places I’ve never been.  I’ve fallen through more times than I can remember.  No one gets hurt and everyone gets to have a good laugh and sometimes those cosmic musical tumblers just fall into place.

I’ve experienced playing where I’m deep into a song and suddenly a part of my brain says ” Hey, i hear some pretty nice chords, wonder where they are coming from ?” and then another part of my brain says ” Hey, it’s you bub, right here and right now.”  It’s an out of body experience that only comes along once in a great, great while.  

And then sometimes while I’m playing a chord in a song I’m thinking ahead two or three chords ahead wondering how I can play them and how can I make them sound sound sweet and clear all the while the song is chugging along.  It requires concentration so deep that it’s like falling over a cliff into the song all while listening to the other musicians falling right along with me.

It doesn’t happen often but when it does you’re in for a great ride.  Just ask this guy…Image