There once was a couple who were so crazy about each other that they sometimes corresponded in French which they rightly presumed was the language of love.  The letters were brief and and laced with English words due to their limited working knowledge of the French language.

But armed with a couple of years of high school French, a few semesters of college classes for support and true blue hearts they were well able to say what needed to be said.

After all, when you are young and in love you don’t need to write lengthy essays or a bateau load of flowery phrases to get to the point.  N’est pas?

In the the 1920’s there were major movie studios in New York City.  Among them was the one that produced ” The Little Rascals.”  My dad once told me that when he was a kid that he and his brother were approached to be in those movies but that my grandmother turned down the offer.  C’est la vie.