That would stand for ” Actual Human Being” which is one of the highest compliments I can think of to bestow on a person.

Several years ago I was working on a show and the video director was talking about our guest talent and referred to her as an AHB.  I didn’t know what he meant and so he explained it for me.

A few years later I found myself calling a show where this AHB was our main singing talent.  She was to perform one of her signature songs and I had cues to call during the song.  The producers neglected to provide me with a lyric sheet for the tune and so I was  going to have to wing it which I was not really looking forward to doing.  I’ve had enough stress and guessing on gigs to last a lifetime.

So I asked our talent if she had a copy of the song.  She said that she didn’t but then she proceeded to write out the lyrics longhand for me.  Now, she didn’t have to do that at all but she did.  She goes into my AHB Hall of fame.