Resolution at this time of the year probably the emptiest word in the language.  This time I’m going to follow through.

Past resolutions included playing in public at open mics – check.  Running more and enjoying it even more – check again.

Missed one that I need to put into practice.  I resolve to start cleaning out and tossing stuff that has been piling up around the house and around me.

I will take one thing a day and give it the old heave ho. A perfect example: Nearly every day when I get back from a gig I have a wing nut, washer, a bolt or a nut in my pocket and it goes into the change jar on my dresser.  No more – it either goes back to work the next day or it goes away.

Speaking of the change jar there is a local bank that has a machine which will count your loose change for free.  Not like the one in the super market that counts YOUR money for a fee and then only provides remuneration in the form of a gift certificate which is redeemable at these fine retailers.  Nope – the change goes and gets converted to cash.

One plus or minus of running road races is that I always get t shirts with the name of the event and the year.  This is good and bad.  Good in that when I wear the shirt people know that I’ve participated in that particular run.  Bad in that after 6 years wearing a short that says ” The Peachtree Trot – 2005″ means that it’s time to put that shirt out to pasture in the rag drawer or donate it.

One more resolution which is only a one day thing so it’s pretty easy to fulfill.  On New Years’ Day, regardless of the weather I always run a couple of miles.  This one goes back a few years.  So, after trudging home around 4 am on New Years’ Day I’ll sleep a few hours, get on the gear and optimistically get some exercise and wouldn’t that be nice too?