As a casual fan of professional football I always get a laugh when TV announcers, in referring to a Washington home game always say    ” From our nation’s capital” which  is ridiculous since the Redskins home field is in Landover, Maryland.

The 49ers are moving 40 miles south to Santa Clara but will continue to use San Francisco as their home name.

Here’s the best one though.  The Super Bowl will be played in New Jersey at the end of the season.  It’s being touted as though the game will take place in New York.  Just like the NY Jets and NY Giants play in New Jersey, not New York.  The Dallas Cowboys play in Arlington, Texas.

The name Super Bowl is so locked up in copyright protection that unless you pay to use it you can’t call it that even though that’s what it’s called.  Ads for events that surround the game that haven’t paid for the rights call it ” The Big Game.”

Maybe I should snatch up the rights to ” The Big Game,” in our nation’s capital which as we all know is Landover, Maryland, only 9 miles from downtown DC.  It’s closer than San Clara.