The day after Christmas.  A day to relax, take a deep breath and shake out all the stress that’s accumulated over the last few days.

I trucked on over to my local grocery store and “What to my wondering eyes did   appear ?”  Not a miniature sled but a Valentine’s Day card display being filled with cards of sweetness, hope and love.  So much for all that peace on earth jazz. By my count Valentine’s Day is 50 days away from now.

That it was being set up today means the display was more than likely shipped in a few weeks ago and has been in the planning stages probably since the summer.  I like to plan ahead but this is ridiculous.

Sometimes these marketing people and their schemes really get to me.  Christmas is still pretty much on my mind.  Valentine’s Day.  Yeesh!  Is that the Easter bunny I see over there behind the diary section?

It’s still Christmas – enjoy it. ( while you can)